Cherrydeck Branded Stock ™

Your Products x Stock Photos

Branded Stock ™ is a new way to create visual content for your products. It's like buying stock photos which were made just for you. From €45.

No shoot planning, no budget commitments. Buy ready-to-use content from a custom database. Just send out your products and branding guidelines. 

The Cherrydeck Branded Stock ™ works for nearly any industry and product


Bottighofen, Switzerland


Kreuztal, Germany

Blackroll wanted lifestyle and product photos for their campaigns, at scale. The brand sent its products to photographers and obtained hundreds of branded images at once.

Krombacher needed a large volume of social media content for two of their brands. They've sent their products to photographers and received lifestyle imagery to fill their content calendars.


Munich, Germany


Bremen, Germany

Edzard needed a fast, cost-effective and stress-free way of producing content on scale. Branded Stock allowed them to obtain visual high-quality imagery without planning a full production or large investments.

Happybrush was looking to capture big smiles in product and lifestyle shots. Cherrydeck helped them find the right creatives to achieve its content goals.


How does it work?





Submit brand guideline

Send out your products

Receive custom content

Select and buy content

Upload brand identity guidelines and tell us what kind of content you need.

Send out at least three sample sets of products you need to get shot.

Get access to a fully custom visual content library within 3 weeks.

Buy the photos and videos you like starting at €45 per photo.

You're in good company. Here are some of our happy customers:


It's this easy to create visual content for your products

Fast and simple

Speed up content production and have it all in one place.

No agency-pricing

Save money by paying only for results.

Tailored to your needs

Easy, understandable and scalable licenses.

Better for the environment

Streamline processes and avoid travel and other environmental impacts.


Business Pricing & Licensing

Price per photo

Without models

With models

  • 75€ (1 photo)
  • 65€ (10 photos)
  • 55€ (20 photos)
  • 45€ (50 photos)
  • 115€ (1 photo)
  • 105€ (10 photos)
  • 95€ (20 photos)
  • 85€ (50 photos)

Price per 15 sec clip

Without models

With models

  • 125€ (1 clip)
  • 115€ (3 clips)
  • 105€ (5 clips)
  • 95€ (10 clips)
  • 225€ (1 clip)
  • 215€ (3 clips)
  • 205€ (5 clips)
  • 195€ (10 clips)

Cherrydeck Fee & Licensing | Terms apply

  • Photographer Briefing & Setup Fee: € 175 
  • Basic License: Included for every item (learn more)
  • Extended License (for one item only): € 200
  • Extended License (for all of your items):  € 100 each

With Cherrydeck, creating visual content for your products is easy — Get inspired!


La Mer

Through Branded Stock, La Mer obtained product and beauty images at scale within 27 days.

Brand investment

Brand results

Submit brand guidelines

675 pictures received

3 products shot

Send products to shoot

5 models captured

4 scenarios and sets

Pictures by Azzurra Piccardi and Jennifer Kluepfel



Yamo sourced hundreds of custom product photos and videos for their brand in less than 3 weeks.

Brand investment

Brand results

Submit brand guidelines

344 images and 93 videos received

Send products to shoot

30 products shot

3 scenarios and sets

Media by Carlo Fernandes and Colin Michel



Branded Stock enabled Blackroll to source custom lifestyle and product visual content within 25 days.

Brand investment

Brand results

Submit brand guidelines

881 pictures received

14 products shot

Send products to shoot

8 models captured

11 scenarios and sets

Photos by Jelena Filipinski and Tonya Matyu