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CherrydeckBranded Stock™ 

Custom photos and videos at scale

Branded Stock™ is a time and cost-effective solution for visual content production. No shoot planning, no budget commitments.

Buy ready-to-use photos and videos from a custom content database made just for you, in no time. From €45.


Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ in a nutshell

Branded Stock is the new way to create custom photos & videos of your products - just like stock content, but better!

There is only three things you need to do:

  • Submit a brief with your inquire
  • Send out your products to our photographers
  • Pay for what you actually use – no minimum budgets!

We take care of the rest.


It's this easy to create visual content for your products

Better for the environment

Streamline processes, optimize resources and avoid travel and waste. 

Fast and simple

Speed up content production and have it all in one place.

Tailored to your needs

Easy, understandable and scalable licenses.

No agency-pricing

Save money by paying only for results.

ⓒ Branded Stock for Badesofa

How does it work?

01  Submit brief and brand guidelines

Tell us what content you need, and your brand photography style.

02  Send out your products

Send out at least three sample sets of products you need to get shot.

03  Receive custom content library

Get access to your visual content database within 3 weeks.

04  Select and buy content

Buy the photos and videos you like starting at €45.


Get ready-to-use videos easily and fast

Unboxings, reels, testimonials, GIFs, and more.


With Cherrydeck, creating visual content for your products is fast, easy and stress-free

Through Branded Stock, Schaebens obtained product and beauty images at scale within 27 days.

Brand investment

Submit brand guidelines

Send products to shoot

Brand results

435 pictures received

30 scenarios and sets

16 products shot

Yamo sourced hundreds of custom product photos and videos for their brand in less than 3 weeks.

Brand investment

Submit brand guidelines

Send products to shoot

Brand results

344 images and 93 videos

3 scenarios and sets

30 products shot

Branded Stock enabled Blackroll to source custom lifestyle and product visual content within 25 days.

Brand investment

Submit brand guidelines

Send products to shoot

Brand results

881 photos received

11 scenarios and sets

8 models captured

14 products shot


Ritzenhoff sourced hundreds of custom product and still life photos for their website and more, in less than 4 weeks.

Brand investment

Submit brand guidelines

Send products to shoot

Brand results

1,423 on-brand photos received

70+ scenarios and sets

6 products shot


Cologne, Germany

Klarheit needed visuals for their channels, ads, and a brand video. Branded Stock enabled them to get the imagery needed at scale, in a timely and cost-effective way while working with top professionals.


Bremen, Germany

Edzard needed a fast, cost-effective and stress-free way of producing content on scale. Branded Stock allowed them to obtain visual high-quality imagery without planning a full production or large investments.


Unleash all your marketing potential with Branded Stock™ Plus

Polestar Campaign with Cherrydeck

With Branded Stock Plus you can:

  • Run local and country-wide photography contests
  • Photograph oversized products (i.e cars, beds, etc.) 
  • Hold a photography exhibition
  • Host multiple events as you desire, and improve brand awareness
  • Streamline location scouting
  • Source hundreds of photos from multiple locations simultaneously