Hundreds of photos and videos of your products

Fast, easy, and stress-free

We enable consumer brands to get ready-to-use custom visual content at scale through our global creative community of +140,000 photographers and videographers.

You are in good company. Hundreds of brands trust Cherrydeck to create visual content:


No shoot planning. No budget commitments.

With Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ you can get product images, lifestyle photos, creative shots, GIFs, testimonials,  reels...  all the content you need, while optimizing your budget and without wasting time.

ⓒ Branded Stock for Badesofa
ⓒ Branded Stock for Klarheit
ⓒ Branded Stock for Ritzenhoff

What do our customers have to say about us?

David Vielhauer, Senior Online Brand Manager at L'Oréal

"Branded Stock meets the needs of a brand manager with high-quality standards like me. On top it all works pretty fast, it's efficient and the pricing is competitive."

Jessica Signer, Online Marketing Manager at Blackroll

"It saves me a lot of time in processing and enables me to quickly create new & very high-quality content."

Chris Gackenheimer, Team lead Content Creation at Everdrop

"Cherrydeck's Branded Stock approach is a great opportunity for us to easily extend our content library when needed. It helps our creative team get relevant branded content, while not having to put in much work and investment."


100% performance based content production

With Branded Stock™ Flex you can produce content at no risk!

• Simply tell us what kind of content you'd like.

• Send out your products, and let our photographers work their magic.

• Collaborate with multiple photographers at once while we handle the details for you.


Source high-quality product photos easily

With Branded Stock™ you can source hundreds of studio product stills easily:

• For your e-commerce website, retail platforms, etc. 

• Source product images that sell 

• Photos can be made following Amazon, Shopify or Ebay's image guidelines 

Why Cherrydeck?

For businesses who want a more efficient process for sourcing visual custom content, Cherrydeck provides a trusted, cost-effective and fast way to fulfill your goals and marketing needs.

We provide you exclusive access to a community of creative talent worldwide, convenient services, and easy-to-use tools. We make visual content easy.


Make the most out of our platform!

Is Branded Stock™ not for you? If you would like to arrange a classic shooting instead, submit a brief and we can assist you!

Or, take advantage of our extensive photographer search, where you can find more than 140,000 talented photographers from all fields of expertise. 

Save your favorite profiles, make collections, and contact photographers you like directly on our platform.

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