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Shooting limitations but need a lot of content? Send your products to our community.

Reduce production costs by sending your products to +55K photographers, videographers, or models that can do the work.

Brands like Montblanc, Polestar and Google already trust Cherrydeck.


How does it work?





Send your products to creatives

Receive your custom content

Keep your library

Search or ask for portfolios

Review portfolios of creators who want to shoot your products. This step is free of charge.

Pick the creators you like and send them your products and a brief.

All photos will be stored in a safe place where you can download them easily.

You can buy content anytime later from your very own stock photo library.


It's like building up a stock photo platform with your own products and moods


Create content anywhere with a transparent and affordable pricing per photo.

Fast process

Post a brief and get your first applicants within the first 48h.

No location barriers

Send your product to our creators worldwide and adapt content to your markets.

Your own terms

You can decide what to shoot and what to buy. With 24/7 support from Cherrydeck.


Any product works. Here are some customer examples.


Cologne, Germany

Polestar wanted to get localised content for their showrooms and billboards in seven different cities, without having to run seven productions. By lending their cars to Cherrydeck members, they got the perfect results.


London, United Kingdom

JIMBAG was looking for international recognition. By sending their bags to photographers in big cities, like Milan and Tokyo, they got an international flair and could market to new audiences.


Kreuztal, Germany

Krombacher needed a large volume of social media content for two of their brands. They've sent their products to photographers and received lifestyle content to fill their content calendars.

Roseway Cashmere


Roseway Cashmere was looking for e-commerce content to launch their online store. They've sent their products to a studio-experienced photographer and received imagery ready to upload.

Brands our photographers have worked with:


It's this easy to shoot product content remotely

For businesses who want a more cost-effective content production, Cherrydeck is the platform for you to find creative talent worldwide.

If you need your products shot in different locations.

If you are looking for the highest market standard in campaign production.

If you want to place your business on an international level.

If you want your products to be shot in real life situations.

With Cherrydeck, it's easy to produce content remotely with on-brand creatives.