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Custom Production

For branded creative projects that go the extra mile, Cherrydeck is here to help you get the best content no matter the scale, your industry, or where in the world you want to shoot.

Hundreds of brands trust Cherrydeck for their creative projects:

ⓒ Custom Shoot for SumUp

Here's why you will love working with us

Time and cost effective

Streamline your content production and maximize your budget.

No location barriers

Access to local and international talent around the world.

Tailored support

A dedicated account manager for your projects' needs.

Best results assured

Work with carefully screened talent and receive top content.


Our versatility meets your vision

Cherrydeck is the platform to streamline your creative campaigns worldwide. 

If you are looking for the highest market standard in campaign production.

If you want to place your business on an international level.

If you are searching for creative ways to promote your brand and get content at the same time.


Our custom productions know no limits

Sum Up wanted to capture different businesses around the world using their fintech solutions on a usual work day.

Through Cherrydeck, they were able to create authentic photo and video content in Brazil, Italy, UK, and France – without incurring unnecessary travel costs but streamlining logistics.


London, UK

Sao Paulo, Brazil

London, UK

Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Polestar teamed up with Cherrydeck to create editorial content and a photo award to promote their new 'Polestar 2'.

Spanning over 7 different German cities, 21 photographers enjoyed a 'Polestar 2' for a week and snapped unique on-brand photos of the car. Ultimately, a secret exhibition spotlighting the best pictures was held in Hamburg for 'Polestar 2' test drivers. 


Gothenburg, Sweden


How does it work?

03  Oversee the production

Together we set the production timeline to deliver the best results.

04  Receive custom content libraries

Access and manage your project's photo and video content in one place.

01  Submit your creative brief

Let us know your specific requirements and vision for your project.

02  Work with the best talent

We help you find the perfect fit in our global creative community.


What do our customers have to say about us?

"Most of the hard-work is done by Cherrydeck so it makes things a lot simpler and easier for me as a business owner."

Anthony Bingham, JIMBAG Partnership

London, United Kingdom

"We’re very happy with the submissions and we’re really looking forward to working with all of the participants for this campaign and then potentially for future campaigns as well."

Max Tolsdorff, Polestar Partnership

Cologne, Germany

"What a great and easy service. Thank you for the wonderful options. See you again."

Deborah Marlow, Google Partnership

Copenhagen, Denmark


Enjoy full control of your creative project with effortless management.